Candles and Coffee Cups

Not sure who mentioned this phrase, but it has been in my head since Saturday evening perhaps it should become the title of a book on everyday services, coffee lounge Eucharists, coffee bar morning prayer.

I imagine a crummy table, not unlike one I experienced in a cafe in France in a small insignificant village just outside Taize.  It was a hot sultry lunchtime, the three of us sat in this poor cafe being served a fantastic salad, followed by grilled socks which were supposed to pass as sausage of some sort.  The table was covered in bread crumbs, cups, wine, water – the remains of a good lunch!

The remains of a shared lunch would be on this table, coffee cups, and perhaps a few candles.  An ordinary celebration, one the people can understand, be involved with and ultimately be fed…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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