Church Mag letter

Dwelling on the moment is something I try to do and fail to do daily!! I thought it appropriate to write about it at this time in our church mag.

Here is the copy.

In a month during which I will spend time in the company of those with whom I was at college reflecting on the journey so far and looking towards ordination this June; it seems an apt time for looking back to the road already traveled and forward to the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

It is also an important time for this in the Parish. As St. Peter’s is now complete and the excitement has died down a little from the consecration service, it is a time to reflect, to look back over a long journey, but also forward to what is to come.

If we embark on this reflecting, both back and forward with equal weight we can focus our attention more keenly on the present. Acknowledging the past for what it has been, has given us, where we have come from, gives us our sense of identity, who we are. Looking into the future to see where we might go, gives us hope and a sense of purpose on our journey.

However, the most important moment in all of this is the one at where we are stood. The present moment, the now. It is this moment which will guide us most of all. Where we stand. We cannot change what is past and we can only anticipate the future, but where we stand, we can change, influence and move.

As a Christian community we need to be living in the present, in each moment as it happens, not in regret for the past or in longing for the future. If we focus on the very moment in which we stand we can dwell in the presence of God, living in love and light. It is a constant challenge to ourselves to keep focused on this, but it is a challenge worth undertaking.

It is living as if the resurrection was happening now, each moment, not in some past event, but presently, beautifully and quietly now.

Enjoy this moment of reflection on the present, it is a glimpse of the Glory of God in our everyday life.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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