Nice light hearted topic for a saturday morning…

Not sure if others have had the same experiences as this, but there seems to be good proportion of people who cannot deal with death.  That might sound like a normal problem, yet when one is constantly coming across people who say they blame God for taking so and so too early, or that they cannot go to church because so and so had their funeral there it becomes a little strange.  It is almost as if there has been no education about the subject, people seem to speak of it with fear, something unnatural, yet to me the end of a life is as natural as the beginning of it.  Some people may die young, of disease or accident, perhaps some of these incidents should not have happened, yet they do.  Blaming God for a death, or being so scared about the prospects not to enter a church where a particular funeral has taken place is there way of not confronting the issue.  The only way to confront these issues is too it on a one to one basis as each case is completely different, yet it seems like i'm doing death all the time.  It would be nice to focus on life for once!!

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