Category: the occasionals

  • Leaving assembly

    Not just the leaving prayer this year but a whole 5 minutes. Cue balloons. You will need one modelling balloon, preferably a long one, and a pump. Blow it up all the way taking about how we fill ourselves with information over the year. Then let it go, (the children love this bit) and mention […]

  • Politely Protesting

    The police were concerned that more than 500 protestors at a time might prove to be a ‘health and safety issue’ So we very politely and reverently laid the coffins of our climate at the feet of EON, who are planning a new Coal-Fired Power station, whilst committing to keep campaigning towards the Copenhagen meeting […]

  • Legacy of shame?

    To be honest, my words were a little stronger than the title here this afternoon, however after mulling things over / steaming / ranting, it became obvious that the object of my frustration could not be truthfully a generalisation – therefore the following comments are (I would dearly wish to hope, but will probably be […]

  • Hem of the Garment

    I came across this phrase again whilst reading an exegesis the other day, it was of course in the Daughter of Jairus and that bleeding woman story, (not even going to attempt to spell the other word for that!!) I suppose the disciples might have called her that, a)if they spoke english, b)if they understood […]

  • Death

    Nice light hearted topic for a saturday morning… Not sure if others have had the same experiences as this, but there seems to be good proportion of people who cannot deal with death.  That might sound like a normal problem, yet when one is constantly coming across people who say they blame God for taking […]

  • Weddings

    Weddings – I seem to remember from distant (!) days at St. Mike’s were supposed to be the showcase for the best of what happens in church – this is a particularly painful memory when drawling out ‘Give me oil in my lamp’ with perhaps four or five other strong singers (congregation of about 150) […]

  • Sports Day

    Finally the School are brave enough to be outside for more than ten minutes at a time, wellies would have been a better option than training shoes, yet, there was not one drop of rain. All the parents coo and ahh appropriately, yet internally wanting their own little cherub (who could never do anything wrong […]

  • Funerals

    I conducted my first funeral yesterday. He was two and a half years old, but had lived a good life, mainly he liked running sleeping and eating. He was a little bad tempered at times and would often try to bite. RIP Joseph the hamster.

  • Wedding

    I have now been to two civil wedding ceremonies… The first was let me say, lacking something! (having only been to church weddings, Mendelssohn, hymns choirs bells etc, all the romantic trimmings.) So yesterday’s civil ceremony was a little on the odd side as actually I thought it was really good. The vows were honest […]