Hem of the Garment

I came across this phrase again whilst reading an exegesis the other day, it was of course in the Daughter of Jairus and that bleeding woman story, (not even going to attempt to spell the other word for that!!) I suppose the disciples might have called her that, a)if they spoke english, b)if they understood a play on words.  I digress.

It just seems such an appropriate term for occasional offices, and now the project we are embarking on in one of our churches.  Now I know community involvement in a church is not new.  However it seems like cutting edge to some of the people around here, so cutting edge that they are afraid they might get hurt by it!!

So, the hem of the garment, those small activities which hover around the fringes of the established 'church' (by that I mean the church groups which are in existence, not any one denomination) should, and that is a big should, touch the hem of the garment.  There should be enough contact with people within the church for something to pass over, a glimmer of the kingdom perhaps, some unconditional love, shown in the way we deal with others.  As I write, I guess the Jairus story which bookends the Hemorrhaging (or however you spell it) woman story could represent the church community being shown just how important all the little fringe events, groups community activities, baptisms etc. are.  Perhaps there is a sermon in there for sometime, I know not.

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  1. peter Avatar

    Hi Stuart,

    Many apologies for not being in touch earlier. going to romania at the end of term, and then being ill over christmas meant our normal christmas cards were reduced in number and in many cases not sent at all.

    your reflection on the Hem of the Garment is very interesting, and it certainly shows the principles of love and grace to those outside the church community. I’m sure there is a sermon there! i hope you and your family are well.

    kind regards,


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