Avoiding the obvious this month of course, a new book on the shelf, Jerry Doherty on ‘A celtic model of ministry’ might be useful in the new parish when things get going – on that note we are slowly ‘house organising’  I’m certainly looking forward to the apples from the garden, it has a lovely old apple tree!  Well OK just a little on the obvious then, on the 23rd we are walking around the village in Greenfield telling the old stories in the midst of the community – well the church is closed so we had to do something different! Hopefully there will be a donkey (for no other reason than they attract attention 😉 ) and perhaps the ‘inn keeper’ will tell us there is no room, we might even have a ‘stable’ at the back!!  Hopefully there will be room at the inn later on, as we are going there for refreshments…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~





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