experiment without plastic

Chris Jeavans is trying the nigh on impossible – to live for a month without any ‘new’ plastic.

I  must admit it’s had me in a bit of a tangle.  On the one hand it is quite a high minded ethical peak oil aware kind of thing to do – on the other, it seems not only down right impossible, but pretty impractical too.  Plastic is pretty much ingrained in the life of the world, we even have green-plastic too, that’s made from plant extracts, not sure how many worlds we would need to supply that demand!

It has to be applauded for it’s awareness raising side, but small amounts of plastic – (re-cycled and used sensibly as apposed to the packaging industry) has to be perfectly acceptable if not useful.  It is, though, a good dig at the throw-away society and for reading merit worth a gander over this month!!

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  1. Richard Avatar

    I’ve been following this too. She seems to understand that it’s an excessive way of living, but as you say it’s an awareness-raising thing. I liked her musings on nappies!