Well last year I was away, so this was the first halloween in the new house, always an interesting time with plenty of local children around…

Rather than the usual careful explanation at the door of all hallows eve, finally giving in and giving them sweets as usual, I decided a more pratical approach might bemore interesting, for me, and for the little darlings.

Cassock donned ready, largest Roman collar ready, black funeral cape ready, Crucifix and aspergillium full of Holywell’s finest, (well ok it was tap water, but that’s all that is in the Well too!) Well honed and practiced phrases going round in my head, (begone foul fiend etc)

Not a sausage.  Not one little beastie, not even a timid little ghoul with a mummy or daddy ghoul, NOT ONE, I ask you, all that preparation, HMPH!

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3 responses to “Halloween”

  1. John Davies Avatar

    That’s a pity. Maybe nexy year you might position yourself in the churchyard ready to appear from behind the stones to any pumpkin-wearing passers-by……

  2. Kathryn Avatar

    That’s hilarious! Probably best that no-one came over… that would have scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a small child. In,fact, never mind the small child bit, I still can’t watch Ghost Busters! K x

  3. adrian Avatar

    Nice one – didn’t think of that. Every year for the past four I’ve relented from my intended mini-sermon at the door – purchasing sweets instead, only to have no one come. This year I decided to be more steely – and someone came! Two smallish boys who greeted my door opening with the scary words, ‘Hello Revd Adrian – trick or treat? – remember us, we’re at Penley School now’. I gave my mini-sermon, made a hash of a short section on safety and frightening elderly ladies, and wished them a pleasant evening.
    I felt like a miserable git for the rest of the evening – and I didn’t even have any sweets to cheer me up!

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