Holywell Cadi Ha Treffynnon

Welcoming spring and banishing the gloomy winter spirits with glorious sunshine on this May Bank Holiday Saturday singing, Hwp, Dyna Fo! and various other welsh numbers.

Welsh culture and pride was at a high today for this festival, it was quite a bizare site for the uninitiated.

Cadi Ha or North Wales Morris has been danced on and off in Hollywell since 1815 and is a ‘living tradition’ it changes with each generation, of course during the Methodist revival dancing was frowned upon so dancers did not dance the Cadi Ha in their own district!! (good old church!)

However today the festival was a great celebration of local culture, dance and music, and to be honest, it is a perfect time to ‘banish the winter spirits’ as ascension has just passed we all need a lift into a summer mood to carry us through those long weeks of the trinity season.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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