Holywell Prayer / Poem

This was part of my submission to the magazine

We give thanks for our town, our own slice of heaven;
Where the work-a-day stops not one day in seven.
We give thanks for our town, our own sacred space;
For the people that work to make it our place.

A blessing on those who work in our shops;
Whose everyday life seems never to stop.
Thanks be to those whose patience abounds;
who serve all our needs without frustrated sounds.

Give thanks for those who come to the well;
Whose lives are refreshed and others do tell.
Let us not get frustrated with coach loads of folk;
Who clog up our roads, our anger they stoke.

A blessing on those who clear away trollies;
Abandoned cars, push-chairs and brollies.
Thanks be for those whose plan and foresite;
Gives room for new houses to shelter us at night.

Grant patience to us as roads are ripped out;
As hospitals built and sewers fixed, no doubt.
Give us grace when the traffic in front – such a queue;
Moves imperceptibly slowly upsetting a few.

Grant us the peace to live our life slowly;
To recognise others and live in the Holy.
A blessing on those who, with us, slow down;
In our own slice of heaven, We give thanks for our town.

Ordinary prayer / poem inspired by the work of John Davies www.johndavies.org

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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  1. John Davies Avatar

    Brilliant! Hope the people of Holywell are very blessed by that.

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