It’s a word I detest, and yet (apparently) we need to be doing it…

You see I just find that I cannot foist my opinions on someone else unless they ask. Am I too polite? ahh no!

Is it that I am so weak in faith that I do not believe well enough to teach others? … Perhaps

I don’t though have the mindless propensity to assert an opinion, which, in all honesty could be completely groundless.

Lack of faith?

No. Just love, oh and respect for human dignity and freedom of choice!

When the soapboxers start with their chanting of religious ‘truths’ I switch off and think of the great commission in the Gospel of Matthew, and read the end of the verse which calls to teach what I have taught you.

Where is this teaching? Back a few chapters…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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