Post Reading

No not lamp post or junk mail, post as in after, oh and blog postings of course…

Perhaps I should explain…

As you will have noted (look right and down a bit) I have been reading Sallie McFague’s book ‘Life Abundant’, well sorry, but it should be Mc Vague, until now that is. I just didn’t get it. The language was admittedly a little long winded for my liking, but something else (related to yesterdays posting) was wrong. I was just not doing the reading, I wanted to get to the end before the middle.

While on a break, I read a ‘post’ on John Davies’ blogsite about purple wheelie bins and reading the ordinary.

After downloading his greenbelt talk and relaxing, listening to his lovely Liverpudlian accent and wishing I had gone to greenbelt, I realised the problem.

I need to stop and reflect before ploughing on!

So to the point – today’s challenge (other than getting up and getting the kids to school)

build a stool…

To be continued…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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