Reading fatigue

Bought the Guardian yesterday…
Now that is something I’m not doing again for a while. Not that the Guardian is a bad paper, it is the one I would choose every time.
It was just that on almost every page there were descriptions of people hating each other. Hating the place they lived in, the language they spoke, the accidents of birth, the clothes they wore, the creativity of some dressed up as trash.
What is it about the newsprint that makes this so infuriating?
Can not a human being say or write something nice about someone who is different from themselves for once. It is not that hard really. We all have an inbuilt desire to love, so why can’t this desire manifest itself in what is written about those outside our own situation.
Have we all become so shallow that we cannot see beyond our own garden fence, can’t imagine a life which is different to our own, to such an extent that we have to belittle the efforts of others who are attempting to do exactly what we are doing? That is just expressing our inmost desire to be human and to be loved.

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