How is it when the exams are looming, that the lawn in mown to a crisp neat finish, the plants are watered, at least twice a day, (tomatoes doing nicely in the cold frame) and the whole house sparklingly clean.
Well that would be the case if Helen had not just bought a new games console ‘for the children’.
I guess I must be the same for revision as for everthing else Kairos not Chronos!
So that will be next monday night!
Right, must fix a friends website, then there is the kids to organise…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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  1. Gary McMurray Avatar

    Hi there! It was interesting reading your blog – I’m also coming to the end of my first year in training for ordination – just across the water in Dublin. And I’m also finding lots of distractions to keep me back from the dreaded revision… Hope it all goes well for you. God bless. Gary

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