Why is it that the church moves so slowly.

So slowly that the most interesting and inspirational things pass it by in the night. Indeed those people who put their heart and soul into the church being passionate and engaged end up cynical about the whole process simply because nothing seems to change.

You think you are getting somewhere, then the rules change and others move the goalposts.

I was reminded this week that it is Wales’ turn to blockade Faslane, and was asked if the Principal of the college organising a trip…

I couldn’t help thinking it would take ten forklift trucks to take the hippopotamus that is the churches organisational machine to the meeting that would inevitably decide that it was far too late to try to do anything interesting now thank you very much, oh and about the Carol service vicar, can we please not have that hymn about the modern Bethlehem not being peaceful, its just not Christmas.

No it’s not, it’s still November!!

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