Soul Food for saturday

Why wait we for the apple’s sad falling
broke with the inevitability of gravity
as tender to the tree she goes
and comes again next autumn.

The fruit is bitter on the tongue
of one who does not watch the
silent ebb and flow of life midst
the bark and heart of wood.

Sad then as pruning takes its
toll on ever skyward branching
relieving both tree and companion
of burdens to the horizon.

And yet what life is come
anothers fruit we gladly share
aye and thee without the gaze
of infinite wisdom from within.

It is the tree that knowest truth
and findest ways to quench the soul
and when the days are dark and dim
with light taken from this world.

Give up unto her the assumption of
our knowing and into the true nature
of ourselves be blest with what is
given is life indeed and life imparts eternity.

Well go then yonder soul of mine
and drink deep of what all could be
if only and forever we would
embrace this earth and live with thee.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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