The Cat Next Door

Our dear neighbour was ill. Very ill in fact… So friends were popping in to feed the cat.

All well and good.

Except there is more than one cat. Being the philanthropist that she is, she feeds a local Ferrell. Although tame enough to visit houses, ‘Chloe’ the cat will never let you stroke her.

So it was that we were looking out of the living room window one evening into a pair of green eyes, Halloween? no! the cat!

She had taken to sitting on our windowsill while there was no feeding from next door.

I put out some food, as you do, and it went.

So, I put some inside, just as an experiment. Working away, I completely forgot about the cat and food, and went into our bedroom to be confronted by a large black ‘chloe’ the cat sound asleep on our bed!!
We have been, it seems, adopted!

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