The new King – No fixed abode


Well, they asked for an ‘Address’ therefore I gave a ‘simple address,’ but perhaps it was not quite what was expected …

The ‘new’ King,
No fixed abode.

Imagine the itching and scratching of heads,
at royal mail head office with that on the desk,
or straight to the box marked unfathomable instead?

Perhaps though for one special night,
the conversation was rare
with a spark of something else in the air
perhaps the discussion went something like this.

Six words, no clues as to city or town.
So where do we send it, to whom shall it go?
First word ‘The’
‘definite article’ means only one
Second word ‘New’
something just begun.
Third one, tricky, a ‘King’ is not common,
but of what kind we might wonder
the wrong palace would be a blunder.

No fixed abode, one, hard to pin down.
Someone perhaps on a road between towns
No roof overhead, no front door to knock
nowhere to push through a letter, no box.

So we’ll keep it in case we hear rumours one day
of the new king no fixed abode of whom they say
a prophet and teacher, rhetorical preacher
and perhaps we’ll invite him to stay.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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