The Wrong Sandals

It is an unfortunate day when you rush out to the morning services on your trusty steed with inappropriate footware – in my case the wrong sandals.  I was wearing the old, brown, garden, lazy sunday afternoon sandals with little in the way of sole and relatively no connection to the feet!

This would have been no problem, except that it poured down and, them being old etc, were becoming slippery underfoot.  Of course you would have had to be there – ‘there’ being on the road between Holywell and Greenfield between 10.40 and 10.50.  Not much chance of that!  However if you had you would have seen a late curate slipping and sliding down the hill (on the bike) trying to keep his feet firmly on the pedals.  I, and the few intrepid dog walkers who I happened to pass found this highly amusing!!

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  1. Dot Avatar

    oh how I wish I had seen it!! it would have made up for the ‘interesting’ week I had endured!!

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