To serve, or not to serve

Naah, none of that religious pish today….
Been down Cardiff Bay for lunch darlings.

It is a bit like that, but the worst bit was the pub.

You know bar – order drinks – sit drink / eat, leave.

Well no… ‘We’re not doing bar service today, would you like to take a seat?’

Normally I would not be bothered about table service, but something about standing at a bar and ordering drinks, then precariously carrying them across the pub has its attractions!!

Perhaps they didn’t want their nice clean floor dirtied by the likes of me spilling beer – sorry beer and spillage, especially at lunch time – please!!!!

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One response to “To serve, or not to serve”

  1. Kathryn Avatar

    I’d give anything to get table service sometimes! Does leave me feeling a little unworthy though… and then there’s the whole feeling-of-guilt-if-you-don’t-leave-a-tip-coz-they’ve-made-that-extra-effort thing. Is there possibly a happy medium? =)

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