Today we wade through …

No actually the farm was really quite nice, couldn’t believe that they were still getting back on their feet after the foot and mouth, especially since everyone outside of the farming community thinks of it as a long and distant memory!

Today started with a very strange topic

Just like vicars to want to out-weird people, I mean it’s not as if they have to try too hard is it? swanning about in girls clothing with incense pouring around them?

Anyway there we were sat with Rev Ian and someone said something about don’t worry about us, were just a bit weird. (something about being an ordinand I guess)

Anyway the alternative recycling scheme then came to fruition and we had a lengthy discussion on the practicalties, pitfalls whereforeartthous etc of recycling OLD PEOPLE

Yes, there we were expecting a nice day in the country and we end up discussing the best way to power a house from an aging relative

The comment that really set us off was the one about, well it’s really only like a potato clock…

That was the beginning of the day…

Went to Brecon to a project called SIREN which is an Intermediate Labour Market, which makes fantastic furniture! … Including the now famous (well in college) Stair Chair or as they would like to have it known the library steps!

We were aghast at how a grown woman could behave so fondly towards shaven wood!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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