I’ve been a little bemused since Tuesday.  I could have done with two of them, one for what I did do and one for everything that was put on hold because of it.  Not that the content of the CME day with Nigel Biggar on Ethics particularly bad or uninteresting, it was the opposite of both of those.  It was partly my stubbornness in cycling to the event and getting it badly wrong, as the map indicates!!, and partly the atmosphere that I was greeted with. (if I had gone the right way it was only 9 miles away the extra hills and few more miles were rather annoying)

I really wasn’t prepared for a room full of clergy, well what do expect at these events other than that, so I really do have myself to blame, however, after lunch, chatting, I commented that ‘I’ve never been quite so optimistic about death’ It must have been the atmosphere of 80 or so clergy deadening the mood, They aren’t all boring by any stretch of the imagination, I guess it was the full effect of seeing the institution in full flow, one car per cleric in the car park and the realisation that anything imaginative would be judged by this peer group as to it’s church-related-ness rather than it’s soulfulness.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~







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  1. Dot Avatar

    oh dear sounds grim!! no car sharing? no public transport using? guess I have all this to come in a few years!!

    in the meantime I start my doctorate tomorrow!!

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