Two sided coin??

Today a few of us were interviewed for the local paper – on how we saw the future of the church. Any ordinands dream really, especially as we were’nt being asked if we would close churches, something positive from the media, well, we hope, the paper hasn’t been published yet.

In all the talk of being radical, looking outside of conventional church concerns for the future and perhaps being prepared for a future without quite so many buildings… the Gay issue raised its head, tentatively, but the response, (not from me) was for sensitivity and acceptance of all people. If I didn’t have to go off to a lecture that moment I would have qualified that statement to mean acceptance no matter who or what people are and an end to the bigotry and culture of judgement that seems to prevail in the arm of the church which does not accept that gay people are human!!

Of course, this wasn’t helped by the lecture I had gone too. As an ice breaker into the subject we had to stand in the corner we agreed with – yes – no – sometimes – dont know. One question, no prizes!! ‘Should Gay people be ordained!!’ I was even more surprised by the small number of people standing in my corner, and pleasently surprised by some who were!!

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