Beauty in simplicity

It would be so easy to reflect on the difficulties this week, so I won’t!

I remember a poem, It is called, If I had my life over.

Although I don’t remember all of it, it speaks of taking more risks, going bare foot earlier, having more actual problems, but less imaginary ones! and picking more daisies. Simple pleasures about being alive, fully alive, recognising beauty in simplicity. While the rain has been trickling down our necks this week, there have been few opportunities to do this,

Except last night. Listening to the hopes and fears of an (let’s be frank) old woman! Wanting so much for the building she loves to be used, wanting people to share her journey, fearing that all she can do is not enough. In her experiences and longings there was a simple beauty a simplicity of spirit which was music for the soul. Her deepest desire was not to be rich, not to accumulate wealth or stuff, but simply to live, love wastefully so others could live as such.
The inspiration of her words she knows not!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~







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