Car Loan

I was rather hoping not to have had such a conversation with the person who runs the car loan scheme, however, the issue of the electric bike is being pursued.

Probably the most annoying part of the conversation was ‘well it’s a car loan scheme’ to which I replied, ah, but it is only called that because that is the primary transport option for most people, what about a motorbike, to which I got the following reply, ‘oh, I don’t think it would cover that either, you see it’s a car loan scheme’.

I’m getting the distinct impression that ‘computer says no’ mentality may be operative here.

I got the point. Well he was only doing his job, with a little imagination you might expect the church to recognise such details as wanting to cause less pollution and save money. (The saving money question was the one which caused the biggest response.)

He has (all credit to him) taken up the challenge to widen the scheme from ‘car’ (cos it says so in black and white so there) to ‘form of private transport’, i.e. an electric bike.

We shall have to wait and see…

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