Cash is spent?

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You may have seen an advert like this, well similar, I reconstructed this one while on the train, wasn’t quick enough with the camera!!

Since there was nothing much else to do I started pondering the advertising, obviously offering some alternative to cash, turns out the old switch cards are now these, so basically another debit card, why would you want another?

I’m guessing for many cash is far from spent, cards are far too easy to use anyway, many have no access to a bank account and therefore no plastic.

Cash for so many is far from spent there is something so simple about cash, also the promise the bank note carries – ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of…’ there is no promise from plastic, except the promise to go on emptying the account until there is none left, of course if you do that with real cash you soon know about it, as it is immediately gone, plastic remains with you.

They are selling the illusion of freedom from money, when in reality they are trying to tie you down and probably to debt.  I always find cash remains in my pocket longer than money in my bank account accessed via plastic at the checkout.

Cash is tangible, plastic sells broken dreams!

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3 responses to “Cash is spent?”

  1. Dot Avatar

    ahhh BUT!! If you don’t have any money in your pocket and you keep forgetting to take your card so you can’t take any out – it stays in your bank account even longer

  2. stubiedoo Avatar

    Damn. knew I was doing something wrong!!

  3. Dot Avatar

    lol!!! that made me smile this morning!! Oh well off to the office to mark!! again!! I HATE marking!!

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