I shared a meal last night.

Two in fact.
Firstly the Eucharist, then something more substantial (for the stomach at least!)

But it wasn’t the food, although it was good, and it wasn’t the wine, although it was also very good.
Spending time in the company of broken people searching to be whole is a privilege. It is a privilege because each person must give a little of themselves and receives a little of each other person in return. To get to such a position you would think should take forever, but this group has not met often, at least not often with me in it.
How then is it possible to give and receive so openly?

Spending time, actually spending time as if it were money seems to be the key.
Not money as if it were endless to do with as we please, but money as if we had only a little and often not enough to buy what was needed let alone what was wanted!

So to spend time, to give of our existence, not as with money to necessarily get what we want, rather to enable relationships perhaps. Or more simply to help another with less time than ourselves.
It is easy to give money, even if we have very little! It is far easier to give money that to give time, giving money at least small amounts requires no thought at all, but giving of time requires greater thought and understanding. Money is of this world, time is pure existence. A penny could be returned, a minute not.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~







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