End of term … again!

Well, the end of term is nigh, one more college Eucharist, one more set of ye olde hymns, oh and one carol service taken largely from Candles and Conifers This morning I had that parents doting dream, the nativity play. Although it was in Welsh (obviously!) I didn’t understand the majority of it, now you would be forgiven for thinking that this was because I cannot understand Welsh, well I can enough to get the meaning of the words! It was titled Roced Sion Corn, (Santa’s Rocket) There was a union of reindeer (on strike) a tedi factory who supplied the rocket, Bob the Builder to fix the Rocket. The three kings made a brief appearance at the beginning saying something about forgotten presents. It was the most bizzare display. Eventually the random singing and whispered or shouted lines came to the climax when Mary and Joseph, two extremely timid reception class children came on. The Epiphany arrived before the shepherds (with presents) and the whole assembly sang the song which had been sung round the house for the past three weeks, Tweet, Tweet, tweet meddai yr Robin (Tweet Tweet Tweet said the robin). Obviously the children’s favourite song!! But we all clap and go ahh at the appropriate places, glad to get out of the stifling hot hall.

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