Mole and Rat

The wind in the willows.

This mornings reflection was a reading from wind in the willows and it captured in me a little something.
I’m not even sure what the little something was, but I do not want that feeling to die. It was present in a cool, fresh air that was in the chapel. It was in the calm white wall reflecting the candle light. It was in the soft tones of the two people reading from the book. It was, it was as if we were not alone. The feeling did not leave as we left the chapel, life was going on around, the cars rolling along Cardiff Road as every morning, yet there was a difference.
There was a little something extra there this morning, a rare presence, but beautifully calm.
The last time I felt like that was in the Chapel at the Anglican chaplaincy in bangor during a exhibition of sculpture by John Meirion Morris, the music (Tavener) and the images were very profound!

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