It takes a lot to make me speechless, however the past few weeks have been a bit like that, hence no writing. A few days at St. Mike’s didn’t help either, I needed a few days to get over the few days. I guess it’s just getting a little close to priesting, we now have our letters of intention from the bishop, so unless we don’t turn up it’s all go!!

Of course the other things which have driven me away from this delightful screen have been the greenery trying to outdo each other in the garden, I think I need a full time job just to keep up with it all, oh and a larger garden – anyone want some mature 2′ purple sprouting? I have plenty, of course it wont flower for a while, but it could be moved if you want it, I guess I planted them a bit too close to one another, there are plenty of chilli plants as well if you are into those!! I’ll upload some pics when I get a chance…

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    hey would love some purple sprouting!!

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