High rise

As we sped from Birmingham towards Gloucester on a strangely round-about route to Cardiff, a solitary high rise block caught my imagination.

The High Rise block …

… and the calves to match.

Food is a crucial commodity, carried to the top, it travels a long way, almost as far as from the shop to the door – up. A long way for a microwave meal, might as well eat out, get pizza delivered. But eating out is expensive, pizza delivery leaves more rubbish to carry down again.

The microwave meal, an eco-meal for the high rise dweller, less packaging, less waste.

The private restaraunt in the sky with a view to die for, sprawling city scape, beaches of gray – green visible on the horizon of our life. Our bit of green, the pre-packed salad that goes with the microwave meal. Pre-packed, less waste, less to carry back down. Eco-warriors of the upstairs garden brushing arms with aircraft. Less is definitely more. No door stop collection here. Get a bungalow, an easier, flatter life, enjoy walking more use the garden, getting out – what for? to take it all for granted, sitting back into a mid-life crises getting fat to match the rest, not for us. Hones the consumer skill, living in this dimension, up not out. High Rise life, with calves to match!

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